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Happy Hour for Hope-

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The New York State Public Health Association, New York State Association of County Health Officials, New York State Association for Rural Health and the NYS Conference on Environmental Health Directors partnered up with Families Together at the NYS Public Health Partnership Conference!

Based on the concept used by Andrew Bennett in his entrepreneurship H3: Happy Hour for Hope, our happy hour features a special guest (Andrew Bennett himself) and fun interactions. Atendees can make donations by buying "drinks". Of course not real drinks; your "drink" purchase is your donation and one hundred percent of the income goes directly to this years donee. 

Learn about our donee: Families Together 


"Families Together in New York State is a family-run organization that represents families of children with social, emotional, behavioral and cross-systems challenges. Driven by our lift experience, our goal is to ensure that ALL families and youth have the support they need in order to succeed. Through public policy and coordinating systems, we represent thousands of families across the state whose children have been in many systems including mental health, addiction, special education, juvenile justice, and foster care. Our boeard and staff are made up primarily of family member and youth who have navigated these systems."


“Nothing about us without us”

  • Families are resilient and resourceful
  • Family driven and youth guided practices are essential for our wellness
  • Strength-based practices should be sensitive to each family’s culture and needs
  • Services should be individualized and community-based
  • Our lived experience gives us a unique expertise


  • Expand peer support services across all systems
  • Mobilize a unified voice to shape public policies that impact families
  • Eliminate discrimination and stigma
  • Promote effective coordination and collaboration between systems

To learn more about Families Together, visit their website https://www.ftnys.org/

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